Nextas specializes in compact camera image quality analysis and testing. We are now one of the leading compact camera test system suppliers in the world.

Our engineers and technologists have created camera focus test systems; final test systems including Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF), One Time Program (OTP), Voice Coil Motor (VCM), Optical Image Stabilization (OIS testers); and automated inline test capability.

Nextas has developed mature algorithms for color difference analysis correction and main camera image quality analytical algorithms, such as SFR/MTF, Particle, Blemish, RI/RU/OC, and Shading.

The Nextas R&D team is staffed with engineers with solid experience in design, manufacturing and process, specializing in many fields, such as image analysis, machine vision, precision optics, industrial automation, robotics, system integration & control.

Nextas possesses solid design experiences in machine vision and industrial automation, which can meet the needs of automated loading/unloading, auto focus, dispensing, auto test and inline advanced manufacturing, supporting camera test and assembly automation.

We will continue to develop professional products according to the development of the compact camera test market and will maintain a customer first attitude.